Who We Are

We’re All About Our Clients

For more than 30 years, Pioneer Title, Inc. has facilitated the reporting of 1099-S forms to the IRS. We provide complete support for all of our clients! This includes:

  • providing customized 1099-S forms for you to use,
  • unlimited 1099 corrections,
  • TIN Matching,
  • filing automatic extensions for your company,
  • and year end filings for both the Federal and State Governments, if required.
All this is available for the low fee of $8 per 1099 form. And because the IRS guidelines allow you to include this expense with the "seller's other closing costs" column, it could end up costing your business absolutely nothing! It doesn’t matter whether you submit one 1099-S or hundreds of them.

There are no setup fees. For multi-office firms, reports are sent to each individual office for ease in monitoring each one. We can immediately provide you with a customized 1099-S PDF which you can use, print as many copies as needed, and save the document in your computer. Our forms meet the IRS standard for the Substitute Form. If you already have a form that you prefer, we are happy to accept it.

To keep your reporting as efficient as possible, we recommend submitting your 1099-S forms monthly or as you receive them. Keeping your submission process up-to-date helps prevent late filings and gives you peace of mind.

We work hard to prevent the IRS from imposing penalities, which cost your firm extra time and money. To help avoid these unnecessary penalties for late filings, we automatically apply for a deadline extension for all of our clients. Of course, late filings aren’t the only penalty risk your firm could face. The IRS can potentially charge penalty fees for incorrect Social Security numbers or EIN numbers that do not match the transferror's name. We validate all 1099s directly through the IRS TIN Matching Program to prevent these kind of errors. This service validates each Social Security or EIN number before any 1099 information is actually submitted to the IRS. Each 1099-S is submitted to this process, and a report is made and sent to you. This gives you the opportunity to correct any errors and avoid steep IRS penalties and/or fines.

If you have any questions about 1099 reporting instructions, you can contact us by phone or email. We will gladly give you our opinion and tell you where to find the answer on-line with the IRS.

Save time, money, and frustration. Give us a call!

Our Mission

Pioneer Title, Inc. is here to make your office life easier! We want to take away the complications of submitting 1099-S forms to both the State and Federal Goverment(s). We work hard to verify the accuracy of each submission to help you avoid costly fees and penalties. And we provide phone and email support to your firm at no extra charge. Our extensive experience means we have the knowledge to help you. And if we don't know the answer right away, we'll research it and forward the information to you as soon as possible. We're always happy to help you with any 1099-S questions you may have!

Find out how Pioneer Title, Inc. can help you simply 1099-S reporting!
Why Choose Us?

No Cost to You!

We charge a flat $8 per record, which can be included with the rest of the closing costs on the seller's expense line.

Free Phone and Email Support.

We’re available to help you with any questions or problems you may have with your 1099-S reporting. You can reach us at any time by phone or email.

Extensive Experience

With more than 30 years experience, and nearly 100,000 records processed, we’re able to help you with any questions or problems you may come across in submitting 1099s forms.

We're the best in the business!

We reduce your risk of IRS Penalties.

We provide automatic IRS extensions and verify all EIN and Social Security Number for accuracy! So you can be sure that the information we send to the IRS is correct and on time!

Full service 1099 reporting

We enter the data into our system, validate the TIN, send you a report to approve, correct mistakes, and make any further changes you request!

We provide automatic extensions:

Each year, we automatically apply for the maximum extension of time for reporting. This extension avoids unnecessary penalties and fines for late filing or inaccurate submissions.

What Our Clients Say

[Pioneer] is always friendly and pleasant to deal with. I thought it was a real plus that Pioneer Title has the ability to verify that names and tax identification numbers match and is able to prevent possible submission errors. I highly recommend Pioneer Title ... to any company looking to avoid the hassle of submitting 1099 information to the IRS. Pioneer Title made my life easier and relieved a great deal of stress for me." - E. F.